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Working With Ant Using Eclipse IDE


ant build eclipse ide tutorial
⇒ All the latest IDE tools are having Ant plugin inbuilt so we can directly run build.xml file from the IDE tool. If plugin is not available then we can install it from marketplace.
⇒ Create any standalone project or web project in Eclipse and create build.xml file in project.
⇒ We have 3 ways to run the build.xml file in Eclipse:

  1. Executing default target
  2. Executing target by target
  3. Executing build.xml file using “ANT view panel”

Executing default target: Right click on build.xml file->Run As->click on “ANT Build”.

⇒ Executing target by target: Right click on build.xml file->Run As->click on “ANT Build…” check target name and click on Run button.

⇒ Executing using “ANT view panel”: To run build.xml file using ANT view panel first we need to open ANT view panel so to open ANT view panel we need:

  • Go to left Bottom corner of Eclipse->click on “show view as fast view”->click on others->Expand ANT->Select “ANT”->click on OK.
  • We need to add our project build.xml file to the ANT view panel.
  • Right click on “ANT view panel”->Add Build files->Browse our project->click on build.xml->OK
  • Expand build.xml file and double click on required target to run.


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