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Components in JDBC:

⇒ There are mainly two component of JDBC:

2. JDBC Driver

java jdbc driver api tutorial
⇒ In addition JDBC has two more components:

3. JDBC Driver Manager
4. JDBC Testsuite

1. JDBC Api:

⇒ Collection of standard Intefaces/abstraction available in packages for Java applications to communicate with JDBC driver is known as JDBC API. JDBC API is divided into two parts:

i. java.sql (JDBC Core API) core JDBC package: (This part of the JDBC API includes a support for connecting to the database, executing the statements, reading the result and managing simple transactions.)

ii. javax.sql (JDBC Extension API) Advanced JDBC package: (This part of JDBC API includes support for distributed transaction and connection pool management.)

⇒ The aobove packages are compressed into a special file rt.jar located inside jre/lib folder.

2. JDBC Driver:

⇒ It is a set of well defined objects implementing JDBC services. The JDBC service supports Java application to access the tabular data store.
⇒ It is a Java application and it acts as a mediator between Java app and database.
⇒ JDBC driver is responsible to convert the given Java call into DB call and vice versa.

How the Java program communicate with JDBC driver?

⇒ Using JDBC API (JDBC library).

3. JDBC Driver Manager:

⇒ It is also one of the Java application that contain a data structure for storing group of JDBC drivers.
⇒ Among the group of JDBC driver we can select one of the driver at run-time and using this selected driver we can communicate with the target DB.

What is the need of DriverManager?

⇒ To make the Java application driver independent application.

4. JDBC Testsuite:

⇒ This component is used for testing whether the selected JDBC driver support to the given database features of not.

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