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Maven – Build And Project Management Comprehension Tool



maven multi module project dependency management

⇒ MAVEN is build tool and also project maanagement tool.

⇒ Build Tool: Like Ant, Maven is also automates the build process steps.


Project Management Tool: 

  1. It manages multiple jars: If we are using Ant, manually developer needs to download all the required .jar files and needs to store all the .jar files into it, i.e. in local system. But if we are using Maven, Maven will download all the required .jar files and it will store into the system.
  2. It manages dependencies and it’s versions: If we are using Ant we need to remember all the .jar file names and it’s versions to download the .jar files. But if we are using Maven, then Maven will remember all dependent .jar file names and its versions!
  3. It creates project required project structure: Maven will create the required project structure with the required files.

#Environment Setup For Maven:

1. MAVEN is opensource framework and it is given by Apache Software Foundation, so we can download MAVEN software from
2. Download MAVEN “” file.
3. After downloading MAVEN, extract zip file somewhere in the local system and finally set two system Environment variables:

#Creating Maven Project:

1. Before creating MAVEN project, first we should know what are the project structures are supported by the MAVEN.
2. To know the project structure details we need to use below command, where we want to create the project:

⇒ When we enter above command, it will display all archetype IDs with the archetype description.
⇒ By default it will try to create standalone project, If we want to create some other project structure then we need to enter corresponding project structure ID.

archetype IDproject typeversion
413WebappJava 1.3
414WebappJava 1.4
415WebappJava 1.5
416WebappJava 1.6

⇒ Choose a number(version):6:(Enter)
⇒ groupId(client name):sbi
⇒ artifactId(project name):InternetBanking
⇒ version(jar file version):progs enter
⇒ package:com.technowlogeek
⇒ It will display summary-> Enter

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